A personal finance app
built with privacy in mind.

Designed to give you clarity about your money, runs entirely on your computer,
doesn't have any ads and only connects to a server when you want to.

Canutin is an open source desktop application focused on making personal finances easier to understand and presenting them in human-friendly terms.

It's designed to help you figure out which decisions you could be making at any given moment, without overwhelming you with options or leave you with even more questions.

Stays out of your way and doesn't try to interrupt you with non-sense. It also doesn't expect you to be an economist to be able to use use it.

And because it runs on your computer you can choose how many third-parties (if any) have access to your data and even prevent them from trying to use it to sell you things.

Find out more on the README

This project under active development. You can check the progress so far on GitHub and Dribbble.

If you feel you can contribute to the development of the app either from a technical or financial side please reach out at [email protected]

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